Setting the foundation for growth

Are you new to digital marketing or want to hone your digital marketing skills in the school environment? Part one of a three part series deals with creating a solid digital foundation on which to build your marketing upon. Learn how to optimise your marketing budgets and increase conversion through data driven marketing.

Join James in part 1 of this series which deals with the foundation of digital marketing for schools, what you should have in place, how to manage it and how to report back on results.

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What is being covered?

How to use data to drive results.

Optimising budgets vs results.

Creating a digital marketing foundation.

How to grow and manage your social media channels.

What platforms to consider utilising.

Beginners guide to digital marketing reporting.

Where to start and where to next

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Create your own marketing and sales platform

Learn how to take your business online and use different platforms that integrate with each other that can provide your target audience with a seamless user experience while improving your reach and conversion rates.

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