When tasked by the Dainfern Homeowners Association to create an identity for Dainfern Estate, Bizlink Creative was requested to incorporate the Board’s desire that the Estate be known as more than just a golf course.

Bizlink Creative was able to draw inspiration and knowledge from mood boards that Creative set up using other estates across the world and understanding what they are doing and what was working and not working. Creative was then able to come up with an identity for Dainfern Estate that goes beyond just changing a name or picture but changes the way the Estate is seen and experienced.


Dainfern website was to be developed to a level where it is considered to be a valuable repository of information, not only for residents but also for the surrounding communities.

While Dainfern Lifestyle Estate was the original development of its kind in the area 24 years ago, a number of estates have been subsequently developed. Owing to the success and status of Dainfern many of the developments sought to be associated with Dainfern e.g. Dainfern Ridge, Dainfern Valley, Dainfern College etc. which has had the natural effect of diluting the Dainfern Estate brand.

The website, as the primary tool to showcase Dainfern, needs to be of a standard that clearly portrays Dainfern as the preeminent Estate in the area and ensures that the Estate is credited with the stature it has earned.

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