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Introduction to Crisis Management

The first value-add we are giving you as a thank you for joining our SAS Marketers Network is an Introduction to Crisis Management.

In the recent months schools, colleges and universities have been rocked with several movements where discussions about institutions and their staff have been taking place in highly public spaces, mainly on social media, mainly to the detriment to the institution.

Unfortunately this is most likely to become to the norm going forward which is why it is critical that you have a crisis plan in place and that you have the right tools to manage your brand’s reputation, especially online.

Below we have provided two free resources for you to download to sample what we provide our network on an ongoing basis along with platform recommendations to manage your online reputation.

Social Media Crisis Management Template

Basic Resource

Have a social media crisis?

Looking to have a plan in place in case you have one?

Check out our quick 9 step process in our Social Media Crisis Management Template.

Social Media Crisis Management Template

Crisis Management Communication Templates 

Advanced Resource

Adarna compiled what we consider to be the best crisis communications examples, after researching a number of other resources, to provide you with one document that you can use to supplement your Crisis Management Plan.

Use the following password to view and download: SASMN


Crisis Management Plan

Premium Resource

This comprehensive editable Crisis Management Plan provides escalation framework, team management examples, roles and responsibilities along with the process to follow the communication required. This plan is for information purposes only and should not be used as a substitute to professional advice but provides a basic foundation to your crisis management.

This resource is included in our Ultimate Digital Marketing Toolkit for Schools which requires at least a Professional or Premium Package listing on South African Schools.

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Platform Recommendations

Reputation Management

Get instant access to brand mentions across social, news, blogs, videos, forums, podcasts, reviews and more with one of the best online reputation management platforms available – BRAND24

This is an ideal platform to manage your online reputation and we encourage you to take the 14 day free trial to get an idea of what it can add for you and your institution.

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Social Media Management

Discover and schedule content, and manage all your social accounts from one place with the help of a great online platform called Crowdfire.

Simplify your social media management with this platform which you can get started on for free.

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Get in Touch

We are excited to have you one of South Africa’s fastest growing educational marketing networks and look forward to keeping in regular contact and providing you with useful information, resources and recommendations.

If you would like to contact us here at Adarna/South African Schools please feel free to fill in the form below:

Promoting your Business Digitally

Promoting your Business Digitally

The world has moved to digital and your business needs to go digital too. Reach the maximum amount of people through digital marketing channels. Join James as he discusses the different ways you can market your business digitally, through paid and free channels.

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Run live, hybrid and automated webinars!

We recommend using ClickMeeting as the most cost effective webinar platform that allows you to manage the functionality you need, the amount of attendees you want to host and the budget you have.

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Create your own marketing and sales platform

Learn how to take your business online and use different platforms that integrate with each other that can provide your target audience with a seamless user experience while improving your reach and conversion rates.

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Online Sales and Marketing Platform


List, Buy, Sell and so much more

We are excited to announce that South Africa's newest listings platform is now live! This is more than an online directory, we created this to be a online marketing and business solution! Browse and compare different adverts from across all of South Africa today.


Are you educational or wedding supplier or even a service provider? 

Join our directory family where we assist our advertisers with marketing and businesses tips, advice, resources and webinars.

South African Providers

Aimed at professionals nonprofessional service providers such as accountants, lawyers, marketers, plumbers, electricians, builders and more.

We understand the frustration of providers not being able to find customers and on the other side, clients not being able to find quality providers, which is why we aim to provide a platform that can assist with overcoming both these challenges.


South African Schools

A new Schools directory where people can come together and find schools, colleges, universities.

We are working are on making this the most exciting and engaging schools directory in South Africa over the next few years.


South African Weddings

A online directory for premium wedding brands and suppliers.

With multiple advertising options, suppliers have the freedom to choose the best solution for them while users can enter competitions, compare venues and brands and put together their dream wedding!




Promoting your Business Digitally

The world has moved to digital and your business needs to go digital too. Reach the maximum amount of people through the different digital marketing channels available.

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