Starting and growing a business and marketing it has become easier since the introduction and evolution of social platforms and tools. Historically entrepreneurs would have to invest large amounts of time and money to grow their business, times have changed drastically reducing the amount of time and money so that your focus could be shifted somewhere else in your business.

Below are 4 Social Media platforms that can assist your business’ growth:

1. LinkedIn

Well known in the world of professionals. It is the go to platform for sales people and human resource departments. While you might think this is still a job focussed platform don’t under estimate the value of the quality of the people that you can engage with through thought leadership and connecting with the target market you are looking for.

2. Twitter

Though many are reluctant to use this platform (for good reason) it is super effective especially for creating brand visibility. Due to the interactive functionalities, Twitter is an effective way to market your business and interact with your audience. Don’t worry too much about your following as quality is more important than quantity in this case. Be warned that to leverage Twitter properly requires dedication and keeping your finger on the social pulse while managing your brand carefully so not to fall foul of a social media storm.

3. Facebook

Simply because every Tom, Dick and Harry is on Facebook it is therefore probably the most used and effective platform when it comes to promoting your product or service. Facebook also has specific call to action boosting features meaning for a certain affordable amount you could target a specific market direction increasing your lead generation and brand exposure. My one tip for you is that if you are creating a Business page on Facebook then I recommend using Facebook Business Manager.

4. Instagram

Instagram continues to grow exponentially in the youth markets and is considered to be a very effective platform for graphic representation of your products and services you offer. Due to the fact that everything is more visual on this platform the dynamic shifts so highlighting features and specific offerings about your product or service proves more effective.

These 4 free social media tools are brilliant with assisting startup entrepreneurs right through to enterprises with marketing their businesses. As much as these platforms are convenient and user friendly it’s vital that these platforms are managed properly. You have to remain as relevant as possible on social media when marketing your business. Keep creating new content and build your presence. Be sure to actually utilize these platform for an effective outcome.

4 platforms what about the tools?

5. Creating modern and dynamic posts

Nobody is going to take you seriously if you are still using PowerPoint to create your social media posts. It’s time to take your post creation to the next level with a platform that will help your whole business by creating graphics and documents across the board so you can raise the level of your Corporate Identity without having to spend all the time creating everything from scratch with limited skills.

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6. Social Media Management

So if I am asking you to sign up on a minimum of four different social media platforms you must be stressing how you are going to manage them all? Have no fear that’s why social media tools are here!

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7. Instagram Boosting

While there are many tools out there that can “boost” your Instagram page in order to gain more followers majority of these followers end up being the wrong type of people and are not your target market. Sometimes a case of quality of quantity is better and this is definitely one of those cases. There is not point having 10,000 followers at the end of the day you cannot convert any of them. Rather have 100 of the right people.

This is where I like to recommend Kicksta. They market themselves as the most powerful organic growth tool for Instagram and are definitely the go to guys for me when I want to grow my clients Instagram following. The way they have built their platform allows you to start growing your brand and connecting with people and liking their content without you having to do the hard work. Sounds great right? They allow you to engage with thousands of targeted people based on similar brands to you (such as your competitors) and then

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In Summary

While there are thousands of tools out there, try not to get overwhelmed and use quality tools, even if they are paid for, as in the long term you will reap the benefits of using some of the best in class platforms out there to build your business on. Make no mistake that social media is hard work, it requires full dedication but with the right tools you can streamline your social media and take your level of social media posting and conversion to another level. Just be sure you are Measuring ROI in social media.