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Navigating a remote workspace

Whether you have been working remote or are only going remote now, this page will help guide you with some educational tips and recommended platforms.

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At the end of the day it's all about having the right tools

We recommend taking trials and testing the below 8 platforms

1 | Team Communication and Project Management

One of the most important things to have is the right platform that allows lets teams work, collaborate and communicate seamlessly. For us there is no better platform than Teamwork when it comes to this.

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2 | Webinars

Attracting new clients, speaking to current clients and even to large teams has never been more difficult. With live and automated webinars you are able to reach large audiences and maximise your time. ClickMeeting is our most cost effective recommendation for you for most bang for buck.

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3 | Document Management

Trying to manage your paperwork from different locations? Can’t get to the office? Can’t get people to sign? There is a solution for that and none better than Formstack as a complete end-to-end document management platform.

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4 | Marketing, Sales & Service Software

It is now more important than ever to ensure you have the right CRM, service and marketing platform from which to keep all your sales, marketing and service efforts aligned. With Freshworks offers a range of products to optimise your sales, marketing, service and human resources.

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5 | Graphic Creation and Assets Management

Worried that your coloured pencils aren’t enough for your social media posts, presentations and documents? Time to take your posting to the next level with a simple to use graphic creation platform called Visme. If you are not using it already then it is time to make the change!

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6 | Social Media Management

Are you struggling to manage all your social media accounts now that you have to be more active than ever? Bitten off more than you can chew? Struggling to get real insight into your social media? Enough questions there’s a simple answer: CrowdFire. A simple to use, affordable social media management platform.

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7 | Proofreading and Plagerism

Now that we are using digital channels more than ever, you have to make sure all your emails, documents and message remain as professional as possible. Ensure that you are using Grammarly – the best in class proofreading platform that can also assist educators with plagiarism reports.

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8 | Internet Security

With the sudden increase in internet activity there has been a dramatic rise in hacks, viruses and malware. Ensure your business, personal and children’s devices are safe and protected. We recommend the award winning internet security platform Avast.



Find jobs and fill critical positions with the help of LinkedIn

LinkedIn is coming to the party in  a big way by providing a dedicated portal to help you assist with finding new jobs, identifying critical talent to join your team, or help you for advice to help you navigate the changing world of work. Be sure to check their portal out.

LinkedIn Hub


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