Changing your status

While you may have physically emigrated, you will remain a resident with the South African Reserve Bank until you go through the process of financial emigration.

While this is essentially an administrative process, the effort required, and the time taken to achieve this will depend on your personal circumstances. Going through the process is not obligatory but if you:

  • are either
    • in the process of emigrating from South Africa and have no intention to return or
    • in the planning stages of moving abroad
  • have already emigrated from South Africa and have no intention to return and have not formally emigrated with the South African Reserve Bank (Sarb)
  • are living temporarily abroad and thinking of making the move permanent

Then you should seriously contemplate the formalisation of your financial emigration.

Formalising your financial emigration is logical once you have left South Africa as you want to wrap up your financial affairs, have the ability to move all of your assets to your new home and not have to concern yourself with South African laws, regulations and Rand volatility etc.

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Financial Emigration Services

Adarna is able offer you an end-to-end service that will relieve you of most of the effort required to formalise this process including:

  • MP330(b) completion and submission
  • Obtaining the relevant tax clearance status
  • Dealing with your Authorised Dealer

We are also able to assist should you be below 55 years of age and want to transfer your retirement annuities to your new country of residence.

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