Competing as team a based in different locations?

Not a problem! We know that during these times we might have friends and family that we can’t get to see or worse, they are based in different cities or countries. Thanks to Adarna though, that doesn’t mean you can’t have a weekly dose of Quiz fun to reconnect and share a laugh and maybe even a drink!

Below we have detailed how you can connect and compete in our eQuiz Nights.

Team Requirements

The first thing you need to do is elect a Team Captain. This person should be the person with the best access to internet and devices along with being the most “tech savvy” for convenience. 

The Team Captain will host the eQuiz for the rest of the team and submit answers

Team Captains

Team Captain’s are required to host the Team Video.

You will therefore need a laptop or desktop connected to the internet as the easiest device to do this from.

We recommend using Google Meetings as the easiest solution because you can share your screen and Google provides free meetings for 60 minutes and sometimes even more. You can choose any platform though if you want, but you need to be able to share your screen.

You are then required to share the online meeting link with your team.

Team Members

Team members need to join your Team Captains online meeting

All you will need is any device that can connect to the internet and use the meeting platform your Team Captain has chosen.

Your Team Captain will share the meeting link with you to join.

How does your team see all the questions and answers?

The Team Captain will share their screen with the team.

On Google Meetings or whichever platform you are on, you need to “present you screen” or “share your screen” on the online meeting you are hosting so that the rest of the team can see your screen. You can then navigate and complete the eQuiz with your team seeing all the questions and answers and providing their input.

Does every team member need to submit their own answers?


Only the Team Captain will submit answers on behalf of the team and the rest of the team will provide their input via the online meeting.

Ensuring your security and privacy

Make sure your internet activity is secure and safe by making sure you use a internet security program such as Avast. This can aslo assist with a secure VPN if you require one.

Get Avast