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If we can't get down to our local pub quiz then we are going to bring the local pub quiz to your homes!

Adarna is hosts eQuiz Nights on a weekly basis so be sure to register and join in the fun!


How does it work


Anyone is invited to join in! Compete in a team or individually – the choice is yours. Questions are aimed at a higher level so children under 16 years old  might struggle but are welcome to still join in.

Compete as households or get the team back together by connecting via video meetings (we should all be an expert at those now!)

How does the eQuiz work?

Our eQuiz will consist of five rounds of questions. Each round will be slightly different and you have a time limit to answer each set of questions in a round to avoid any cheating via phones etc. There is a 10 minute break between each set of questions.

Our eQuiz night is slightly different as there is no physical host hosting the video/quiz, but rather we facilitate the eQuiz by providing the questions online which are opened up at a set time for each round on our website (link will be provided).

Competing as a team via Video

More information will be relayed to you, but if you are competing as a team you will need to select a Team Captain who will be the “host” for their Quiz Team. Essentially the Team Captain will host the video meeting where they will share their screens with questions on it for the team to see and provide their voice as to what the correct answer is.

The Team Captain will then select an answer on behalf of the team before the timer runs out.

What do you need?

First of all – your thinking hat!

If you are competing as an individual or in one location:

  • Any device that can access the internet
  • Internet connection

If you are competing as a team via video:

  • Assign a Team Captain (best internet connection)
  • Team Captains will have to have a desktop/laptop/iPad from which to host a video meeting (we recommend using Google Meet)
  • Team Captains will have to have a secure high speed uncapped line for best use
  • Team members will need any device that can connect to the video meeting with an internet connection

That’s it! Although we recommend breaking out that limited supply of booze or trying out that new Still you have been working on.

Next eQuiz Night Date and Time

Friday 10 June 2020 | 19:30-20:30

Are scores tracked and is there an overall winner?

At the end of each round there will be a live leaderboard to show team scores. At the end of the quiz all the points will be tallied up and an overall winner will be announced the next day.

How much is it to enter?

Generally our entry fee is R50 per team, but might differ for themed eQuizzes and special events.

How do I get all the details and rules?

Make sure you register and all the information for how to compete and play as a video team will become available in our eQuiz Night section.

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