Business Growth Jumpstart Package

Get started with one of the best marketing automation platforms available with no monthly fee or contracts required if you want to start slowly before getting serious

Let our experts at Adarna help identify where to get started and set you up on the platform while integrating with your website and other platforms.

We will upload all your employees and provide an on-boarding session so you know where to get started in order to make the most of the platform.

Marketing Automation

  • HubSpot Platform Basic setup
  • Website and forms Integration
  • Database upload
  • Sales pipeline configuration
  • Gmail and Outlook integration during onboarding (video included)
  • Sales team tracking during onboarding (video included)
  • Google Ads and Facebook integration
  • Task Management overview (video included)
  • Document Management overview (video included)
  • 2 hour online onboarding session (up to 30 employees can attend)

VAT excluded from price

Additional marketing assistance hours available at R650 per hour

The Bottom Line

Marketing Automation Management

This package gives you the boost you need to get to grips with the principals of marketing automation and set up the platform for your business to use.

With marketing automation you can start putting in processes for you employees to better manage your sales and marketing thereby optimizing your cost per sale. You will also be able to understand where you can improve your marketing and sales while making your employees work smarter and not harder.

With a minimal barrier to entry this is a great way to grow and as you go and build on a solid foundation.

Who is this aimed at?

This starter package is only applicable for:

Businesses with websites

Databases of less than 5,000 contacts

Ideal for:

Businesses with marketing budgets less than R10,000 per month

Businesses with at least 1 dedicated sales person

Any business or individual that sells products or offers services

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