We're business problem solvers.

It is hard to recall a business environment that has been harder to operate in than what we are currently experiencing.

At Adarna we understand this and strive to provide services to businesses that make a meaning and impactful difference.

From assisting you to make sense of your company’s financial and other data, to constructing financial models to assist in the decision-making process to general and turnaround consulting we put your business first.


Business Assurance

Certain employees are always key the success of a business. Ensure that your business has mitigated any risk by being proactive so that you do not lose key employees, and that you have a clear succession plan.


Business Turnaround

When your business is facing major challenges there is little scope for mistakes and time is of the essence. Let us help you draft and implement a clear business turnaround plan that will identify trouble areas and lead the business back to success.


Data Analytics

Your company’s numbers have an important storey to tell. We give a voice to those number through data analysis and enable more informed decisions to be made.


Financial Data Analytics

We help you to make sense of all of your financial related information and to understand the key trends and other factors. Have your key information displayed in logical and appealing formats.


Financial Modelling

Enhance your company’s decision-making process by using financial models to give you a clear insight of the future impact of those decisions. Whether you are evaluating different projects, or the company’s performance we can assist is building appropriate, transparent models.



Improve your business’ performance and efficiency by having us analyse certain processes or procedures and proposed solutions that are a catalyst for positive change.



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